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British Seagull Racing Worldwide

British Seagull Racing Worldwide

British Seagull Outboard Racing Worldwide


There are a few races still going every year around the World some bigger than others, where members of the Public can take there standard Seagull and race against others!

This covers every scale on the professional spectrum !

We aim to bring these races to the fore front so all British Seagull owners can see what is going on and maybe inspire some to set up there own races locally!

We would love to hear of any other races that we arnt covering and please feel free to send us any photos or video footage!

The races that are more commonly known are the folowing:

Bermuda round the island race -  Bermuda

Lerryn Seagull Race - Lerryn Cornwall

Australian owners meet - Myall Lakes, NSW ,Australia

Seagull Smokin -  Pumicestone Passage Bribie Island Queensland Australia


Lerryn Seagull Race - Lerryn, Cornwall



The race had a silent start this year for the first time which means that nobody could start their engines until the race started - here is the video of the start




See below for videos of races held in previous years


Pictures and Video of past events from around the World

Bermuda round the Island race


As far as we know, Bermudas first organized Seagull race was in 1969, when two locals, "Ghost" and "Skeets" got into a heated argument over who had the fastest dinghy. It was decided that a fair race around the island should be run, with both boats powered by British Seagull engines. History does not reveal who won, but the idea of racing in small boats powered by Seagull outboards appealed to many and Seagull racing caught on, with the main event being the annual ‘Round the Island Seagull Race ever since.


Take a look at the amazing sportsmanship and fun that is something all Seagull owners can be proud of!

For more information on this epic race see more here












British Seagull Racing - New Zealand

Waikato River

The Longest Seagull Outboard Race in the World.
Every Easter from the Karapiro dam to Port Waikato 142km (76Nm) over two days.
The main emphasis is on finishing & having lots of fun.
Established in way back 1985




Careys Bay Day Seagull Outboard Race. SI. NZ.






There are lots of great Seagull races around New Zealand and for a full guide to Seagull races here and further afield

British Seagull racing Australia


 The seagull smoke in is being held on Sat 17th Nov meeting at 9am.
The location is the Pumicestone Passage Bribie Island Queensland Australia.the meeting place is the main boat ramp at spinnaker sound mariner which is on the left before you cross the bridge to Bribie, It is a good all weather ramp. 
there is no real day planned but the idea was to go up the passage around past donnybrook and back to toorbul for lunch. Toorbul has a good fish and chip and hamburger shop very close to the beach, on the way back maybe have a look in the canal estate at how the other half live. It is in enclosed waters with lots of beaches to pull up on if there is any problems, it only gets rough with a big south easter






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